Sep 1, 2006

Islamist Terror in India: Is This Man Being Investigated?

I wouldn’t have given a damn about Zakir Naik pictured above if it were not for his name crop up in newspaper reports on the investigations into the 7/11 Mumbai blasts. This is what appeared in one of Praveen Swami’s articles on 7/11 blasts:

….Sheikh, for example, recruited Ghaswala during an April 2003 convention organised by the Jamaat Ahl-e-Hadis, a religious sect from which the Lashkar draws much of its cadre. Zakir Naik, a well-known Mumbai-based television evangelist, was the star speaker at the convention. Although there is no suggestion that Naik's Islamic Research Foundation itself played any role in the bombings, Sheikh and other Mumbai Lashkar operatives are known to have often visited the religious centre — which also, significantly, features as an approved source of religious-ideological information on the Lashkar's website. [The Hindu]

Another report in the “Indian Express” had this:

‘‘Deshmukh used to work at the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) in Dongri,’’ said Additional Commissioner of Police, Anti-Terrorist Squad, Jaijeet Singh. But the public relations manager of IRF said: ‘‘Feroz Deshmukh is not an IRF employee. He works at an Islamic bookshop, owned by a relative of our chairman Zakir Naik, next to the IRF building. Deshmukh visited the IRF regularly to use the toilet and look up Urdu books.’’ ‘‘Raheel and Deshmukh met often at the IRF library. They also met at meetings held by the research foundation and chatted on the internet. The last time the two met was about six months ago. [Indian Express]

The common name in these two reports is Zakir Naik. For some reason this name sounded familiar to me and I remembered that I heard him preach on Islam on QTV. Zakir Naik is an Indian Islamic evangelist from Mumbai. According to reports available on the net he is a very famous preacher with wide following among South Asian Muslims. Once when tuning the channels on my TV, I saw him on Q TV preaching in English and I watched it for sometime. He was speaking at a gathering of South Asian Muslims where he was asked all type of questions including the controversial ones on Islam and its tenets and his answers only amused me. Check out his controversial views on at Wikipedia. When I saw him for the first time I didn’t have any idea that he was one of us. In fact I thought he was Pakistani.

After some googling I found some damning stuff on him. The following are some of the controversial statements he made or attributed to him. Justifying terrorism:

They call all Muslims terrorists, but just a policeman strikes terror into the heart of a criminal, all Muslims are required to strike terror into the heart of robbers, thieves, rapists, the unjust, the anti-social elements.[mezba]

Another of his quote on terrorism:

Every Muslim should be a terrorist. A terrorist is a person who causes terror. The moment a robber sees a policeman he is terrified. A policeman is a terrorist for the robber. Similarly every Muslim should be a terrorist for the antisocial elements of society, such as thieves, dacoits and rapists. Whenever such an anti-social element sees a Muslim, he should be terrified. It is true that the word ‘terrorist’ is generally used for a person who causes terror among the common people. But a true Muslim should only be a terrorist to selective people i.e. anti-social elements, and not to the common innocent people. In fact a Muslim should be a source of peace for innocent people.”

The following is how Ali Sina who is a fierce critic of Dr. Naik interpreted Dr. Naik’s above views on terrorism:

It would be naive to take Dr. Naik's justification of terrorism by its face value. What this snake-oil salesman actually means by anti-social elements are the non-Muslims and those who resist conversion. According to him I would be an anti-social element that have to be killed. Have I committed rape, theft or any crime? I and people like me are considered anti social because we speak our minds and Muslims can't handle that. Are Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin anti-social elements? What about Theo Van Gogh? Was he an anti social element?
After glorifying and justifying terrorism and hyping his students to become terrorists, making them believe this is a divine mandate and a wonderful thing to do, Dr. Naik will then explain to his foolhardy alumni that "shirk is worse than killing" and the unbelievers are worse than thieves, dacoits, rapists and murderers. Therefore it is incumbent upon Muslims, to instill terror in the hearts of non-Muslims and kill them wherever they find them. To determine their innocence or guilt it is enough to ask them whether they want to convert to Islam or not.
Ironically, since according to the Quran, these non-Muslims by rejecting Islam have committed the worst crime imaginable, their property can be stolen and their wives and daughters can be raped. Thus Muslims, who joined Dr. Naik’s school to fight the dacoits, BECOME the dacoits, the criminals and the thugs.

If the above are Naik’s views on terrorism and its interpretation by Ali Sina, then Zakir Naik is also is against killing innocent people in the name of Islam. This is what he said at a rightwing Islamic convention held recently in UK where some speakers justified jihad and suicide bombing:

However, Dr Zakir Naik described by organisers as "the most sought after Muslim public speaker in the world", criticised the actions of the New York, London and Bombay bombers. "How can you ever justify killing innocent people?" he said. "But in the same breath as condemning those responsible we must also condemn those responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon."[Manchester Evening News]

Here he is against killing innocents in the name of Islam but he is also reported to have advocated killing Muslims who leave their faith. He wants all Indians to adopt Shariah, as according to him it is the “most practical criminal law”. He advocates polygamy, interest-free Islamic banking, wearing of Hijab (burkha), etc.

The terrorists caught by the UK police in connection with the recently foiled UK terror plot from Heathrow airport have some established link with Tablighi Jamaat. Tablighi Jamaat is believed to control several mosques in Britain. Tablighi Jamaat, formed in 1927 in India, was a traditional Islamic movement. Nizamuddin (Delhi) was its headquarter. Zakir Naik is known to preach at such organisations but I couldn’t find anything that linked him to this one.

Now the question is whether Zakir Naik is being investigated by India’s security agencies for possible terror links or not. His controversial teachings, his religious center’s name featuring as an approved source of religious-ideological information on the Lashkar's website, the 7/11 perpetrators’ links to his Islamic center, etc should be more than enough reasons to investigate this Islamic evangelist’s links to Islamist terror network in India. Will the government wake up?


Apollo said...

Even i saw that program on QTV and i was laughing all the way :). I even saw him on QTV yesterday. He looks and sounds just like a "moderate" muslim, doesn't he? All soft, nice, affable and gentleman like on the surface but a chameleon underneath.

RS said...

On my tv I dont even have QTV tuned! I once asked the cable guy to remove this channel as it is mostly Paki jihadi propaganda but he says bcoz of local demand he cant remove it. so sad.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I feel most of the watcher of Dr. Naik speaches are afraid, they may converted because of truth. In fact they are denying the truth.

Aravind said...

do you guys really think you can ignore him just because he speaks rubbish...He is able mesmerise white'toppis' with his stupid logic. I seriously think this guy is dangerous...something needs to be done sooner. There are plenty of videos in YOUTUBE...we shouldn't be ignoring him..


Anonymous said...



aryan said...

islam and its followers are striking the minds of people from other religions and they are realizing that islam is the religion for the world....ample testimony to this fact is the post by in this blog much research on one man ...i dont think is the fear that thetruth of islam will wipe out ur faith which instigates u brother....may allah give u better wisdom....

Salman said...

I really dont know why all people in India is so scare of Dr. Zakir Naik or QTV or PEACE TV. Really want to know why this is. If Dr. Zakir been an Indian spreading terrorism then he should be arrested and if he is not then why this controversy is?? Whenever he speak about anything for Islam he only speaks it in light of QURAN and most of the religious scholar agreed that QURAN is not supporting terrorism then where is the problem. ARE WE ALL INDIAN ARE SCARED OF AMERICA OR WE REALLY SCARED OF ISLAM??? can some body explain this??
Critisism is good and i agreed there is some points where Dr. Naik has spoken bluntly on the issues and that could hurt the people somehow..but it dosent mean that we would not see the otherside of picture.
We all are educated people and we should understand that ISLAM is not supporting terrorism and if some this is wrong then we can get the answer in book store but we EDUCATED INDIAN is more like an blind followers and we are such a nature that we welcome TASLIMA NASREEN who said wrong and misleading thing about ISLAM but we want DR. NAIK to be interogated as he speak the truth in ISLAM.

I would suggest to all that please read the books and i am not asking all of you to read QURAN but atleast read your own religion books and i am sure you will come to know about the truth of ISLAM.

I would also request you to please go and talk to Dr. NAIK personally and if still not setisfied then again please donot follow the American statement about TERRORISM as America is the one who created this all force and now as this force is going against him so it become the terror for him and so for all oof us INDIAN also.

AMERICA is blemming that attack on INDIAN EMBASSY in Kabul is from PAKISTAN but the truth is some thing else and if some one has guts to go to KABUL and find the truth then do it.

I strongly feel that PAKISTAN is not such big country who can disturb the peace in world and that too when he is supporting AMERICA in fighting against terrorism. PLEASE do understand the double trouble from AMERICA part.

At one end he is supporting Pak as his allies and other hand he is blemming them for the attacks..How one can justify this?

If some body has an answer then please give me..i will be waiting for this.

Anonymous said...

Apollo you stated, "Even i saw that program on QTV and I was laughing all the way". I would really like to know what is it that you found so funny about Dr. Zakir Naik? You used the word "chameleon" for Zakir Naik, but did not give reasons what made u think that? It is very sad that we try blaming others for our own weaknesses. Listen to his lectures with open mind and be fair!! RS, just the term that you used "Paki jihadi propaganda" totally shows that you have not heard his lectures at all and is speaking without knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I find most of the views are a result of a mindset being created against Muslims and the religion of Islam. Friends I request you if you want to know this religion read Quran with an open mind, understand its translation, if in doubt consult an authority on it, and then come to a conclusion. Let us not accept the feeding of the media and the people around without even trying to investigate the truth. So let us not indulge in mudslinging instead let us pray to Allah "Ehdinas Sirat-al-Mustaqeem" (Quran Surah 1:6)means "Show us the right path" a similar verse in Rig-Veda "May that Being guide always and at all times, the intellects and the actions of all of us towards the right direction."


ASALAAMALAIKUM. This comment is for Apollo and RS and their people. Dr Zakir Naik speaks the truth. Plus India is a democracy with freedom of speech so hes not killing or bombing anyone, but just speaking the truth. Hes telling people to stop killing, fighting and bombing and live lives according to the peaceful teachings of the QURAN. In a sense hes saving your lives!Is that so hard to stomach? Or do you like close upfront fighting and violence? Ok in that case then come to my country and you will see plenty of fighting, and killing heck we learn how to fight when we are born so you will feel at home right? Cant you people for once leave your differences behind and "come to common terms" as mentioned in the glorious Quran. He is preventing war in his speeches, He does dawah or preaches to non-muslims and muslims alike to stop them from doing bad and evil and do whats right according to the teachings of the QURAN. You question this form of peaceful preaching also? And by the way what the heck are you doing watching QTV in the first place? If you are going to blame and accuse a channel or speech of "paki jihadi" and violence or turning a gentleman in to a chameleon then what on earth are you doing watching that channel and wasting your time? Are you for real? Watching a channel and waiting for hours just to watch Dr Zakir Naik come on and talk then come on internet and pretend to laugh about it is a sign of sickness. And why am i wasting my time on you then since your views are of no importance? But! I think I know what your sickness is! I think you truly love and appreciate Dr Zakir Naik and realise what hes saying is the truth. To watch him on QTV and then talk about him on the internet speaks volumes. So let me give you help. Next time you question someone or accuse someone's beliefs and religion it is advisable to study and learn the religion. Read the scriptures, come to debates and have discussions, your questions will be answered inshALLAH. Im sure you can find the time for that dont you? If you are having problems with that then im going to give you an easier option. You guys like watching QTV and Dr Zakir Naiks speeches right? Ok then instead of watching QTV where they will have only a portion of his speeches, why dont you watch him on his own channel full time? That way you will learn more and get a broader perspective to your narrow thoughts. The channel is called PEACE TV and you will find it on your satelite tv or what ever you have in India. Your posts are dated 9/1/06 and 9/5/06 etc. So maybe you already know, or even better maybe you have imbraced ISLAM! In which case i will apologise for this comment and ask you not to bother with it. But if you havent accepted ISLAM then this comment is very relevent to all of you who deny,and accuse the truth. I hope that you people have embraced ISLAM and if you havent yet than I pray that one day sooner rather than later you do inshALLAH. SALAM and happy learning. Oh and by the way if you are confused as to where i am from when i mentioned come to my country if you want to see fighting and some live action then i am from Afghanistan. Yes the no mans land. We have been fighting for as long as we can remember with foreigners, invaders, and if not foreigners then amongst each other! And believe me brothers its not a pretty sight when you see guts and blood spill for insignificant reasons. The reason for all the blood and gore of war is lack of correct islamic knowledge and education. So be blessed and pray that you have a brother like Dr Zakir Naik who preaches correct knowledge and ISLAMIC teaching amongst your youth and prevents war from happening. Dont be ungrateful. May ALLAH give Dr Zakir Naik blessings and more knowledge and life and akhirah and make many more Zakir Naiks so we can have a peaceful world. Believe me im tired, not of writing or typing but of fighting! SALAM!

shoeb said...

Instead of saying who is bad or which book is false, why dont u read it and prove it to the world of whatever u say. Dont u think is fair to judge once u read it too. If not then stay quite rather than be biased with begged inteligence!!!! Think about it.

tinge said...

khadija said....
the moment i read this post, and the two comments that followed, i was overwhelmed by a fit of rage.. but then, once i thought about it, i realised that what you believe in becomes the truth for you.. appollo and RS, you'll deserve nothing but my pity.. feel sorry that you'll think the way you do.. you'll do not want to give zakir naiks sermons a careful thought and listen to what he has to say with an uncluttered mind.. every year he addresses thousands of people, muslims and non muslims alike, at the peace conference, at mumbai, india.. most of the non muslims leave the grounds, either enlightened or baffled, but not a single one is ever harmed.. Islam is derived from the word salm, meanin peace, and we muslims, have a responsibility to spread it.. and when one man undertakes this responsibility and executes it with sheer perfection and directs all his efforts towards spreading this religion of truth and tranquility,ignorant people are bound to create obstacles.. like him or hate him, but you cant ignore him.. and you definately cannot stop him.. and on his behalf, i'd like to invite you and others like you to islam.. May Allah open your hearts to the truth.. Approach Islam with an unbiased attitude.. And you will realise that "When truth is pitted against falsehood, falsehood perishes. For falsehood by its nature is bound to perish"-The Holy Quran.

Salman said...

I have one question from all of you people who think that islam is the face of terror....we have evidence available about MALEGAON BOMB BLAST and other related blast which include the train blast in gujrat..these all blast has been carried out by an sanatan dharam people and sadhvi ritumbhara was chargesheeted by Late Hemant Karkare for the same case and our home minister has also raised the same issue about HINDU TERRORRISM in parliament my question about the word terror related with Hinduism...How you can justify this and how you will deny all the evidence.
By only criticising ISLAM and there preachers we INDIAN can not run away with all this fact or do we can???

Sahad said...

Its Not Zakir Naik or else, its something we decide truth. and for all who say him wrong or rubbish better have an ice cream:)

Oliver said...

Shahrukh, Aamir, Salman, all number one not because of the blessings of the so called thackarey breed. but because no hindu can surpass their work. The thackarians simply need to broadan their outlook and get out of the hatred policy or India will never progress from a developing country to a developed country. Get a life Hinduans or get ruled and kicked by the british !

Anonymous said...

The crux message of B.Gita,Guru Granth Sahib,Kuraan,Gautam Buddha is just ONE - RISE ABOVE FROM ALL THE WORLDY DESIRES OF THIS CREATION SO AS TO MEET THE ONE AND BE THE ONE WHO IS CALLED AS PARAMATMA,WAHEGURU,REALITY,ALLAH,TAO AND BY SO MAY NAMES WHO,IN REALITY,MIGHT HAVE NO NAME!!.BE THEY SEXUAL DESIRES,TONGUE DESIRES,EGOISTIC DESIRE(ALL ARE MAYA or SATAN),one has to renounce all to such an extent so that his mind does not crave for them naturally and then only he can be liberated from this world full of physical and emotional pains,the counter force i.e. pleasure in this world being very very very short in comparision to pains(sexual pleaure-few seconds,tongue pleasure-few seconds but physical illness,death of a near one,losing something etc. very painful and long lived.And wat to say of hell).Only this should be the aim of all human beings.Guru Naanak,Gautam Buddha,P.Mohammed commanded this as the only goal of human and so laid down certain spiritual practices only to attain such mental state.But majority of humans are ignorant of this real aim of religion as they are gripped by the powerful nature( maya or satan,whatever one call it).But due to gross and grave misinterpretaions of HOLY TEXTS AND HOLY PERSONS by some Granthis,Maulvis and Pandits who are nobody but normal humans only gripped by Maya(Satan),world full of clash in the name of religion(or better would be clash of ego)has arosed.One has to make a dedicated and serious effort on a very PERSONAL level to get rid of these desires(SATANIC TENDENCIES) but instead..A real preacher is needed who just preaches that the crux message of B.Gita,Guru Granth Sahib,Kuraan,Gautam Buddha is just ONE - RISE ABOVE FROM ALL THE WORLDY DESIRES OF THIS CREATION SO AS TO MEET THE ONE AND BE THE ONE AND LEAVE THIS PAINFUL WORLD FOREVER.Regarding Mr.Naik,i have watched his shows but still have not witnessed him preaching egoistic tendencies and hate as certain established Islamic sects..and I am not a Muslim..But equally love n respect Prophet Mohd. as S.Krishna as Naanak ji as J.Christ..Bcause all were a tiny physical form of our great real parent..the unnamed . .