Oct 16, 2006

Whose Pride?

Gujarat's or India's?

munaf and irfan

munaf and irfan

In yesterday’s cricket match between India and England if it were not for Munaf and Irfan’s deadly disciplined bowling we would have been chasing a bigger total and with the pitch playing bad towards the end, the chase would have been very difficult.

I especially loved the way Munaf kept to his line and length. To someone who has the fastest arm in India and touted as our answer to the Lees and Akhtars of this world, it must be tough to cut down on pace and stick to line and length which incidentally is already paying him good dividends.

It is good he realised it early in his career unlike Javagal Srinath who only decided to cut down on pace towards the end of his career. If I recall correctly this move of his - sticking to line and length - gave him more wickets than sheer pace. I was disappointed when Srinath suddenly announced his retirement. I really felt he had some more years of cricket in him. Anyways let bygones be bygones and let us look toward a bright future for the bowling department of our cricket team with Munaf, Irfan, Sreeshanth and others.

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