Nov 23, 2006

Educating Indian Commies

The Indian Commies got the shock of their lives yesterday when their master from the land of the dragon, the Chinese President Hu Jintao advised them to adopt a "more pragmatic" approach, as this is the era of globalisation that provides immense scope for economic prosperity. In other words the Chinese President was telling the Indian commies exactly what late Deng Xiaoping taught the Chinese long back – to get rich is glorious!

The great master thus pontificated to the utter discomfort of his Indian slaves: “Globalisation provides scope for economic prosperity, and a "more pragmatic and positive approach" must be adopted by the Left to develop infrastructure and the economy”.

Red China had the good fortune to realise in the late 1970s that a socialist economy cannot and will not deliver its vast poor out of hunger and poverty. Red China’s slow and steady opening up of its economy has only been positive for the Chinese people. Now the results are so spectacular that the Chinese university students who once upon a time dreamt of a China free and democratic have today no time for such trivial issues. Their only concern is to get the next big job in the next big MNC setting up shop in China or already waiting for them. Today the Chinese are so confident about their future that that have virtually thrown that dreaded Mao out of their history books and today their history is about their future! The world has not failed to notice this. So much so that today Chinese nannies are increasingly the preferred ones in the West so tomorrow’s white kid is not left behind in a world that will be doing business in Mandarin.

The Indian Commie is not an idiot on the contrary he/she is a person with high intellect. This is why it baffles most of us why the Indian commie is still holding on to an ideology that has been dumped by every other major Communist country on this planet. The answer is because this country still has vast multitudes of utter poor and the Indian Commies have been able to sell some of these people an utopian dream of economic prosperity where all will be treated equal. Thankfully (or for worse) the average Indian values his caste more than anything else and still vote according to caste lines. The Indian Commies have been able to make an impact of any significance only in three states – West Bengal, Kerala, and Tripura. It is only in WB they have been in power continuously for the last thirty years. The major reason attributed for this is the land reforms undertaken by the Commies where land was distributed to the landless poor. Other than this the state of West Bengal under the Commies has no other significant achievements to showcase be it in social or economic fields.

India has been a democracy from its independence and the Indian commies like any other political party have to fight for its share of votes. No party can fight elections without adequate finances.

For the commies trade unions affiliated to them are their major sources of finances. Trade unions basically represent the organised workforce of a country and in India this is a minority when compared to the unorganised sector. The unionised labour force despite being a minority is able to negotiate better pays for themselves because of their collective bargaining power. All that Indian Commies want from these unions is a nice cut from what their collective bargaining power got them so that their retrograde political parties can live another day. They know where the moolah is and exactly because of this they are dead against privatisation and just wouldn’t allow labour reforms, which is so vital for India’s economic well being. Even without any labour reforms India is at 43rd position in the Global Competitive Index far ahead of autocratic China, which is at 54th place. So just imagine in what position would have been India if it had carried out labour reforms and didn’t slow/halt the economic/privatisation process.

Lately the Commies have realised what a cash rich cow the IT sector is and want their cut from this sector too. The only reason the IT sector has become what it is now, a cash rich cow, was because the Indian govt and the trade unions didn’t realise what happened in this sector. The non-interference gave the IT companies space to grow and when the govt realised the potential of this sector during the Y2K days, was wise enough not to interfere but stay out and facilitate its growth. Now the shameless Commies of India are salivating in their mouth dreaming about the moolah they can make out of this sector especially from the call center employees. Without an employee union affiliated to them no way can the Commies get their cut. In order to achieve this they have set up an union and have cajoled some hapless Calcutta based call centers to allow employee to join. I look forward to see how the Commies make moolah out of this sector with high attrition rates.

So it is clear that for their sheer survival the Commies of India are like that only – dead against reforms and privatisation. By the way this doesn’t mean that they are illiterate about capitalism. Just look at what West Bengal CM Buddhadev Bhattacharya is doing. He sometimes put the original dream team to shame.

Now the question is why was the Chinese President able to advise the Indian Commies to become capitalists. With having unlimited wealth because of Western style capitalism seasoned with local characteristics, in an autocratic country with a single party rule, day-to-day survival is not exactly a priority. As the Chinese govt gets out of more and more sectors and their forex reserves stockpiles, all that the Chinese Commies need to do for their survival is to take very good care of its armed forces and its party members on a priority basis. Their original support base of peasants and workers can very well be second priority or can go to hell.

Now we know why the Chinese Commies can afford to ‘advice’ their comrades in democratic countries.


Apollo said...

This 'advice' by the great master breaks the myth that China is using the Indian commies to block reforms in India.

The reforms have been blocked by the commies for their own selfish ends like u said. The best way forward is to call their bluff.The govt's should just go ahead and reform.

communism as an ideology is virtually dead.No one except North Korea is following it today and the world can see the results for itself.N.Korea is living with a begging bowl in hand.The great master's advice to his slaves is very timely.

iamfordemocracy said...

The money from trade unions is just one source. From the masters in China and Russia is other source. In 1970's and 80's selling cheap russian books might have been one good source of money. From their speeches and actions, it is quite clear that most CPI and CPM leaders are following some masters somewhere.. Unfortunately, the needs of individuals like Bardhan are quite few. Compared to others in the world, many CPM leaders must be cheap buys for their masters in the North.

RS said...

Before the demise of the USSR, KGB funded Indian Commies and Congress (I).
Just imagine the moolah they made when R(o)ub(b)le was exchanged at those inflated exchange rates!