May 18, 2007

Damaged Beyond Repair?

Now Tavleen Singh in an article titled "Damage may be beyond repair…" asks BJP the same question the Center Right has been asking them for a long time.

The last thing we need is for the party of Hindu nationalism to join the movement to radicalize Indian Muslims. And, yet this is just what the Bharatiya Janata Party is doing if its campaign in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election is anything to go by.

[.....] are we to understand the shamelessly divisive campaign that the BJP has run in U.P. in which Muslims have virtually been accused of being un-Indian because of their religion and culture?

A political party that seeks to rule India needs to understand that India's vaunted economic progress will come to an abrupt halt if the majority of our Muslims become radicalized. Once more we will face decades of political disturbance as we did when myopic and dangerous policies caused Punjab and Kashmir to explode. The eighties and the nineties were lost decades for India on account of these two political problems. If radicalization spreads among India's Muslims it will not be contained to two states. Is there nobody in the BJP who understands this?

When political problems take a violent turn economic issues invariably get pushed onto a backburner. At this point when the Indian economy is booming and we are looking at the possibility of a growth rate of 10% the last thing we need is for our largest minority group to start feeling that they are alienated from the fruits of this progress. ....

....if radicalization spreads in the Muslim community what we will certainly see is more jehadi terrorism and more support for the international jehad. This is not a Muslim problem, it is a problem for India. It is shocking that the BJP's senior leaders do not realize that what they are doing in U.P. has done as much to radicalize Muslim public opinion as jehadi propaganda has done. Someone needs to remind them that India has the second largest Muslim population in the world and they are here to stay much as Hindu fanatics might like to think they can wish them away.[Cybernoon]

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