Sep 3, 2007

Is NDTV Committed to the Nation?

It is a well known fact that NDTV is a leftist media organisation. Prannoy Roy's relation with the Commie couple the Karats is also well known. Because of these facts, NDTV's commitment to the nation is always questioned just like the Indian Commie's commitment is questioned. NDTV also came out editorially in strong defence of the Commies when they were accused by the center-right media of being agents of Communist China.

Here is an example of NDTV's nationalism. A commander-in-chief of a north-east militant organisation drops in at NDTV's Guwahati office and NDTV instead of calling the authorities and getting these militants arrested treats them like kings and makes a news story out of their visit.

Unexpected visitors dropped by at NDTV's Guwahati office on Monday morning.

It's not everyday that the commander in chief of a militant outfit walks in, and this one had an unusual request.

He wanted to tell his side of a story NDTV had run last week.

The Dimasa group commander asked to see a CD NDTV had aired which had visuals of two boys being tortured by kidnappers.[NDTV]


!!! said...
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Kus Tavan said...

Aaah....I so much agree..
I had commented on this already...its so weird how blatantly Commie's spokesperson like they are...