Jun 7, 2006

Some Business Sense This!

CNN-IBN yesterday reported on the amount of moolah Natwar Singh and Gang made in the oil-for-food scam. This is how it was divided up:

  • Andaleep Sehgal received approximately Rs 30.14 lakh.
  • Coburg approximately Rs 19. 8 lakh.
  • British lawyer John Ball of Fynmores Solicitors received Rs 6.38 lakh.
  • Aditya Khanna made Rs 7.89 lakh.

The total this gang made comes to Rs.64 Lakhs approximately! After all the trouble all they could make is this ridiculously paltry amount!? They could have easily made this amount in the stock markets in one good week!

Now what about the moolah Congress Party made? Now how much is that and who is going to expose them?

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