Jun 1, 2006

Tailor Made News from Jammu & Kashmir

Is the electronic media reporting the truth from Jammu & Kashmir? After reading this news item from GreaterKashmir.com, I am afraid our electronic media is tailoring news to suit our sensitivities. I think this is wrong and the correct news should be reported after verifying from both ends.

As soon as they saw our vehicle, they charged towards us menacingly, threateningly. “You media buggers what do you report. We tell you one thing and you narrate a different tale,” shouted a youth among a large group of people in Wutlab.
“What do those b#$%^^^ in Radio Kashmir and Doordarshan report. Why did they lie that Jehangir was a militant. He was just a student and was protesting with us,” shouted another.
“These (news) channels say Navy personnel were helping to pull out the bodies of children. Yesterday when we went to fish out the bodies of those innocent children, these Zaalims (cruel) soldiers fired at us. And what did those channels report? Fishermen fished out the bodies and Navy is deriving mileage out it. They are responsible for the death of those children. We told those reporters everything and were shocked to hear them telling a different tale on TV screens,” shouted another youth.[GreaterKashmir.com]


Apollo said...

Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially insofar as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent.
-Adolph Hitler(1889-1945)

Both the "kashmiri" media and the Indian media are playing the game and we should be on the Indian side :).

RS said...

Propaganda is for countries like Pakistan. Suppression of truth by Pakis has only aggrieved the situation there. Hitler tried it and we know what happened to him. We are a democracy and in a democracy the truth should always prevail however adverse it might be for our interests.

Remember Satyameva Jayate!