Jul 21, 2006

Why Wal-Mart Should be Here

It Will Contribute to Household Savings!

Wal-Mart Stores, the largest retail chain in the world, is secretly going to allow people to steal from its outlets. According to internal memos leaked to the media, the company, which is already the leading destination for shoplifters, will no longer prosecute first-time thieves unless they are between 18 and 65 and steal merchandise worth at least $25.
Actually there's a solid reason for this: It's just not financially justifiable to expend more than twice the amount in order to prosecute someone who's stolen something worth $5. The legal costs required are simply too high.
Or as a person in charge of asset protection at Wal-Mart put it: "If I have somebody being paid $12 an hour processing a $5 theft, I have just lost money. I have also lost the time to catch somebody stealing $100 or an organised group stealing $3,000".
Unorganised kleptos and hobby shoplifters will immediately realise what a bonanza awaits under-aged and senior citizens of India should Wal-Mart be allowed FDI in retail for which it's been trying so hard.
For one thing $25 translates to over 1,100 bucks here. Which means if an average family has two live-in minors and two grandparents they should easily be expected to bring home nearly 5,000 bucks of stolen goods every month.
Will others narrow the age limit instead to prosecute only thieves between 35 and 36? The National Retail Federation of the United States says American retailers lose more than $30 billion a year to theft. [TOI]

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