Jan 3, 2007

The Chinese Take Away

The Chinese are doing their very own little Kargil every year and we are pretty cool about it.

First the Chinese ambassador to India Sun Yuxi made a
sensational statement to CNN-IBN claiming that Arunachal Pradesh was a part of China, and now the Chinese seem to be making good their claim.

Reports indicate that the Chinese have actually crossed the border to occupy parts of the state’s territory.

However, it’s not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Every time the snow on the high peaks melts, the Indian side realises that China has intruded deeper into the country.

But the envoy’s outrageous claim and the infiltration don’t seem to be bothering the Indian Government, keen on taking the dialogue process forward.

“There are some inadvertent incursions. Are we going to make them a national issue and make them come in the way of talks that are heading positively towards a resolution – no,” said Home Secretary V K Duggal. [CNN-IBN]

We certainly have a magnanimous heart.


Apollo said...

yep they sure do.Pity i don't have such a magnanimous heart though :)

reason said...

There would also be a customary reminder that the BJP government instituted special representative talks with China and Vajpayee visited China - so that will take away anybody's right to protest now.
This is nothing though. got to remember that CPI-M split away from CPI on the issue of supporting China's position during the border war in 1962.