Jan 3, 2007

An Impending Terror Wave

The news channel "Times Now" has put out a report on a top secret advisory sent out by the Intelligence Bureau to the Mumbai Police warning of attacks on the city by LeT cadres that are ready to infiltrate into the country.

The last time the Mumbai Police ignored an IB warning, the entire city had to face the dire consequences in the form of 11/7 blasts that rocked Mumbai.

The advisory specifies :-

--There are about 600 militants, who have been imparted navigational training by ISI & Pakistan Navy. These men are poised to infiltrate our coastlines and island territories.

-- There is also a possibility of attempt by militants to kidnap VVIPs or aircrafts to demand the release of Afzal Guru (Convict of 2003 Parliament Attack case).

The letter specifies that 2 persons from West Asia surveyed Mumbai and Goa for two months. A Sudanese national also stayed illegally in Pune with a fundamentalist organization.

The warning issued by IB via an advisory - a copy of which is acquired by TIMES NOW -- specifies clearly that 'Mumbai' is on the terror radar once again. It is also learnt that 26th January is the day, when Lashkar plans to strike Mumbai.

Main Targets

-- Maharashtra's VVIPs, who are in danger of being kidnapped.

-- Airports are on LeT's hit list. It is likely that planes could be hijacked and flown out of India.

-- LeT militants surveyed terror targets in Mumbai and Goa.

Reportedly, it is learnt that these 600 militants have been trained to handle large boats, lay land mines and explosives and are well equipped with navigational skills, concealment of explosives and surveillance methods.

Allegedly, it is an orchaestrated effort to free -- Afzul Guru -- who faces a death sentence in the Parliament Attack case.

Meanwhile, the IB has alleged that groundwork for this massive attack is already underway. Two Lashkar militants have surveyed possible terror targets in Mumbai and Goa for 2 months. A Sudanese national linked to an international terror outfit has established contact with sleeper cells in Pune.[Times Now]


reason said...

Hampi has been found to be another place for infiltration.
BTW, why does timesnow say 'IB has *alleged* that groundwork for this massive attack is already underway'? Cant they say 'IB has warned that...'? It s*cks big time to see this attitude in the media.

A Soul In Exile said...

Indian media is just a different clone of the Indian politics. Indian politicians have to play to vote banks, the media plays to the TRP's and market shares. Its no different.
Whoever said it was the fourth pillar of democracy forgot what state the other three are in... in India.

And the wide networks of LeT and Hizb etc are not just limited to Hampi, Bangalore or Mumbai. This is the 1000year war Pakistan is waging...with India. They have un-uniformed troops gathering in each corner of India. And yet, you will see stupid Indian media honchos and so called Human right activists campaign for demiliterisation of Kashmir...(see my blog for some comments about media and terrorism).

indscribe said...

...surely nobody can afford to ignore the tip...