Mar 9, 2007

Superstition, Astrology and Cricket

Here I go again with one more of my posts on cricket. My site stats tell me that no one is interested in my cricket posts - neither readers nor googlers. But I love my cricket and just had to post this.

It’s a well know fact that even the most cynical person turns superstitious when cricket is on. What with particular seating positions, TV channel #, sound #, etc all in the belief that these ‘machinations’ will have a favourable influence on the game’s outcome played miles and time zones away.

Astrologers predict the outcome much ahead of time and most of the time ends up eating crow. This time too the
astrologers have come out with their predictions and if they are to be believed, then India’s chances in this World Cup are not good.

According to one astrologer, India holds only a 50:50 chance for the final. Another one says Captain Rahul Dravid’s name does not suggest victory and only the second half of the year is going to be better for him.

According to one tarot card reader India will to lose to West Indies in today’s warm-up match and later in the league stage lose to Bangladesh, beat Bermuda and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately for tarot card readers they always end up wide of the mark. This tarot reader predicted that India would have a hard time against the Netherlands in the first warm up match but we won comprehensively.

Btw, after Bangladesh surprised New Zealand by beating them by two wickets Kiwi skipper Stephen Fleming, according to Radio New Zealand, suggests the
loss is part of a cunning plan -- to shake off any suggestion of favouritism by losing early to one of the so-called minnows rather than latter when it really matters! Here is another - must read - incredible excuse for the lose. Bad losers!

Acknowledgements: All links via Rezwan’s blog.

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