Mar 13, 2007

While We Talk...

...they loot.

According to the statistical figures shown in the report, ULFA collects funds in the range of Rs 25- 50 crore from Indian citizens only through extortion. NSCN-IM has even left ULFA far behind. Ironically, this militant outfit pulls the biggest farce by talking to the government in Delhi and collecting up to Rs 200 crores in extortion. Moreover, the three militant groups in Manipur take home funds to the tune of Rs 55 crores in extortion.

The report further mentions that all the efforts and sacrifices of the Army in the North-East has reportedly gone waste since the bureaucrats and the politicians are hands in glove with the militant group, who under the cover of talking to the Indian government are running a parallel economy in the region.

For example, in some areas, Grade 1 government employees pay up to one third of their salary as taxes to the militants. Vehicle tax is charged for everything on wheels -- from Rs 1000 for a taxi and Rs 7000 for a tourist bus. Shockingly, even ministers and MLAs pay tax to militants. [Times Now]

As money is something that one can never have enough of, I wonder whether these talks will ever come to end and whether we will ever see a political settelment?

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