Aug 31, 2007

The Desired Effects

The repeated targetting of Hyderabad by Pakistan's ISI trained Islamist terrorists is having its desired effects.

In what could be the first aftershock of the recent macabre bomb blasts, the city has just lost a unit of a multinational corporation and along with it 5,000 jobs.

This was disclosed by Sanjaya Baru, media advisor to the Prime Minister, while delivering Dr. Waheeduddin Khan memorial lecture on “The local and global in Hyderabad’s development”, at the Centre for Economic and Social Studies here on Thursday.Responding to questions from the audience, Dr. Baru narrated how a passenger, a top executive of the MNC, broke this news to him on board the New Delhi-Hyderabad flight. The board of the MNC was to decide whether it should set its shop in Hyderabad or Kuala Lumpur.

The bomb blasts led the board to plump for Kuala Lumpur.[The Hindu]

These lost 5000 jobs could have created an additional almost equal number of support and auxiliary services which could have benefitted the people of Hyderabad including a large number of Muslims.


Nitin said...

Actually, I'd say good riddance to such CEOs; notwithstanding the attacks, Hyderabad remains a far more compelling investment destination that the relatively secure alternatives. Indeed, the fact that it is targeted points to its attractiveness. They attacked New York, London, Madrid and Mumbai and Hyderabad. Not Stockholm, Malacca or Dunedin.

RS said...

Nitin ,
Now thats a compliment for my former CM. Unfortunately being out of power he is talking the language of the Commies.

Chandra said...

As though Malaysia is immune to terror attacks.