Aug 31, 2007

INS Viraat off the Visakhapatnam Coast

Courtesy: The Hindu

This was published in today's "Young World", children's supplement of "The Hindu". Quite a beautiful setting. INS Viraat is docked off the Vizag coast because it is here to participate in the Naval exercise with US, Australia and Japan.


Chandra said...

Vizag beaches are very beautiful. Are the beaches and coconut trees part of the Vizag Navy base? I have seen air craft carriers in San Diago once (I think US Southern Command is there) and, may be they were nuclear powered, they had no smoke coming out the chimney. Aircraft carrier is a beautiful sight. Hopefully you'll get to see Nimitz and some Japanese ones too.

RS said...


I am not sure where this pic was taken in Vizag. But I do know we have a lot of cocunut trees along the coast now.

I am waiting for my Naval friend who is at present out sailing to come back so that I can quiz him about the location. Unfortunately his ship is not involved in the forthcoming exercises.

The best thing about Vizag beaches is that ships can come really close to the coast b'coz of the bay's depth. The last President's fleet review was held here and we could see the whole thing from the beach unlike Mumbai where the review is held at open sea.