Mar 14, 2006

Another Kid Story From Bihar

...and this is no kid stuff.

A four-year-old girl was charged for attacking policemen in Arrah, Bihar. It's been two years since the case was first registered and till date Rani is still labeled as a criminal.
Rani has just started going to school and is learning nursery rhymes. But in police records, she is a criminal. She is accused of attacking policemen and helping her father escaping from the police custody. But the family has a different story to tell.
"At that time they claimed she was ten. But she's not. She just started going to school. She can't even write, how could she have attacked the policemen," said Rani's father Vir Bahadur Pandey.
Rani now has to go to court whenever she is summoned. She and her mother, both have been booked under various Sections of the Indian Penal Code. But unaware of what the consequences will be, Rani is busy playing with her toys. But for the family, it's a nightmare they are learning to live with. [CNN-IBN]

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