Mar 13, 2006

Catching Them Young

Everyone knows Bihar is notorious for being the badland of India. So is it a wonder if 12-year-old kids there are initiated into the 'hallowed' world of bomb-making?

In a remote village of Bihar, making a bomb has now become a child's play, quite literally so.
Incredible as it may sound, a group of 12-year-old kids in Muzzafarpur district of Bihar have mastered the technique of making remote-controlled toy bombs.
And they are not just playing with them, they are experimenting and making them at an alarmingly high rate.
"I and my friends have been making bombs for some time now. We detonate is using any television remote control. It’s fun playing with the bombs," a child bomb-maker, Mukesh (name changed), says.
Money is not a problem for these children either.
They save their pocket money to buy toys and electronic gadgets, not to play with, but to stuff them with explosives and blow it up.
What seems like a juvenile fancy today might have devastating consequences tomorrow.
"We use our pocket money to buy the raw material. And it's not difficult to find explosives either," Mukesh says.
Considering that the young children are as good as a bomb factory, the question is whether Bihar really needs a factory to make bombs or just an organised criminal gang bent on creating will do?
"We have been approached by criminals a number of time. They promised us a lot of money in return for making bombs. But I have always refused them,” Muskesh says.
Shockingly, the authorities in Muzzafarpur have not yet woken up to the potential threat and are blissfully unaware.[CNN-IBN]

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