Mar 14, 2006

A Role Model Muslim Politician the making. An example no one should emulate.

Abdul Hafiz Gandhi is a 28-year-old law student of the university. Two years ago, Gandhi was just another college student, hanging out at the university dhabas (eating joints) and wearing shirts and trousers. But today, with the aspirations of a political career, Gandhi has fashioned a different identity for himself. Gandhi opposes Nescafe, sternly disapproves of drinking beer or rum, supports minority status for AMU and campaigns against women students who don't stick to a dress code. “Your dress should be proper. Not something that provokes people to sexually harass you or pass sexual comments,'' Gandhi says. He looks serious, rather, he must look a serious Muslim. His attire has undergone a transformation too, reflecting his new-found identity of a Muslim mass leader. From Western casuals to very-Muslim sherwanis and Azad topis - his wardrobe underlines his political and religious agenda. His reading habits, too, have undergone a drastic change. The last film he saw was Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Lal Badshah nearly 10 years ago. His current crop of favourites are anti-Bush documentaries. "I am a leader of the masses. I don't want to be the leader of the minority community alone. If someday the majority community also has a problem, I will spearhead a movement to help them," Gandhi says. He addresses a takreer (sermon) every Friday at the university mosque - all with an eye on the UP polls in 2007. And Gandhi has supporters. If not in the academic circles in his university, then at least among the students. Many celebrate his academic success and the way he protects the Muslim cause. He's the son of an illiterate farmer from the desperately poor Eta, the first in his family to gain an education and liberalism is a luxury he can't afford.[ CNN-IBN ]


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