May 17, 2006

Faith Interrupted

The movie on Dan Brown's best selling novel, "Da Vinci Code" is to be released this week and Christians worldwide are against its release. In the movie, Jesus Christ is portrayed as a human who married Mary Magdalene and had a child, and that a powerful organization linked to the Church conspired to commit murder to keep it secret. Now this would clearly hurt their sentiments in the same way Hindus, Muslims,etc are hurt when their religion is denigrated.

In India, the land of "secularism and free speech", we have found a very easy way of nipping every trouble in its bud - ban the 'offender'. Nitin writes that the UPA govt would make India a laughing stock in the eyes of the world if the movie is banned. I think we became one long back when the "Satanic Verses" was banned to please the Muslims. According to Nitin it is not a matter of faith at all. He is of the opinion that the "Catholic Secular Forum" might be seeking political weight. What type of political weight are they seeking!? Just how many Lok Sabha seats are decided by Christians in India? I think we can count them on our fingers. IMO the present govt which prides itself on being "secular" might have emboldened this minority religion to clamour for a ban of the movie.

IMO if one has unflinching faith in one's religion no heresies should undermine one's faith. It is only the weak in faith who are worried about books, movies,etc that show their faith in bad light. Afterall if one doesn't have unflinching faith in one's religion, what is the purpose of being religious?

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