May 23, 2006

‘‘India is not a democratic country’’

‘‘India is not a democratic country’’. ‘‘The biggest PR mythof all times is that India is a democracy. In reality, it is not,’’

The loony lady is at it again. Once again in a foreign land as usual she attacks her “motherland”. This time she has crossed all acceptable limits. Midway from a book reading session in NY, she thus pontificated. Then this educated twit said:

She was confused, as India was passing through a terrible time.

“Terrible time”?! So a country growing at 8% is having a terrible time. I have some minor renovation work to be done at home and its been three weeks and I am yet to find a mason who can spare some time.

‘‘There is no real democracy in India. Several states in India are on the vergeof c ivil war,’’ she said.Challenging the much-acclaimed views of columnistThomson Friedman praising India, a democracy of a billion population, forconducting peaceful elections year after year, she said, ‘‘He probably needs anew tour of India... Does Thomas know that in Kashmir Valley alone, some 80,000people have been killed? In Iraq, there are 1,50,000 military personnel, whereasin Kashmir Valley there are some 7,00,000.’’

When she talked about civil war I thought she was referring to the polarisation of the country due to the reservation issue. The ignoramus that I am should have known better. For that terrorist sympathiser what is troubling is those ‘poor’ Kashmiris getting killed in JK and the seven-lakh strong Indian army’s presence in JK. Now this is not the first time she has made such remarks. Why does she hide the fact that the 80,000 (the figure is pretty old now… Roy, next time do add some more zeros for greater effect) killed in Kashmir include civilians, terrorists and army men? And that the majority of the civilians were Muslims and were killed by Paki trained Islamic terrorists. If she loves those Kashmiris so much why restrict her love only to the ones on this part of LoC? Why no concern for the people of Gilgit, Baltistan and ‘Azad Kashmir’ who are treated by Pakistani Punjabis as their “subjects”.

The Naxals kill with impunity poor people from Andhra to Nepal who are pretty similar to the ones she was recently supporting in New Delhi and not a single condemnation has been there from her till today.

Yes, we do hold peaceful elections year after year and one round of state elections just concluded with her favourite party winning in two states.

Now, that according to this nutcase we are not a democracy, the moment she lands here, she should be arrested for anti-India activities. No, better still, let us do a Musharraf on her – declare Arundhati Roy a persona non grata. After that she must be very welcome in Pakistan to live the rest of her life there.

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