May 14, 2006

Pakistan Ordered Suryanarayana's Killing?

A Taliban Commander told Tolo TV, Afghanistan's private television channel that Suryanarayana's Killing was ordered by Pakistan's ISI. Pakistan never liked our presence in Afghanistan and the Pakistani hand was always suspected in the killings of Indians in Afghanistan. India should immediately ask for an explanation from Pakistan on this. I am sure Pakistanis will deny any hand. Enough of this peace process for now. But just to keep the Americans happy, India should go slow on the peace process.
A Taliban commander wishing to remain
anonymous previously told Tolu that Amir Khan Haqqani, whom he identified as the
military commander of Taliban fighters in Zabul Province, opposed killing K.
Suryanarayan, who was abducted by the Taliban in Zabul on April 28 (see "RFE/RL
Newsline," May 2, 2006). The source alleged that Suryanarayan was eventually
killed by Mullah Latif, a militiaman under the command of Mawlawi Mohammad Alam
Andar, on orders from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). "One thing I
would like to mention is that an Afghan national cannot commit such a crime,"
Ludin told Tolu.[]
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