Dec 4, 2006

Cartoon Speak: God Doesn't Discriminate

Courtesy: The Hindu.

I really think that god loves both the political fronts of India - NDA and UPA - equally. Both have had their share of bad luck equally. Like Natwar's Oil Scam, the Mahajans Controversy, etc.

Here is a nice article on Navjot Singh Sidhu from IE.

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Anonymous said...

UPA/CPM veterns are expert at managing public opinion. They must have kept Sidhu courtcase up their sleeve to nullify any decisions against Shibu/Lalu and dozens of other Goondas they harbour. The moment Shibu Soren's case comes up for decision, they get into top gear to get Sidhu convicted. Someone should track the progress of Sidhu case and find out whether the timing was deliberate.