Dec 1, 2006

Paying to Wait

Here is one more reason why the government should get out of the aviation sector:

Domestic travelling is going to be dearer from tomorrow as airlines are contemplating a congestion surcharge of Rs 150 per ticket, in addition to existing fuel surcharge of Rs 750.
A majority of domestic airlines are likely to impose the surcharge from December 1, while the rest will follow suit in a week.
This means a passenger will have to shell out Rs 1,125 including PSF (passenger service fee), besides basic one-way fare.
The proposed congestion surcharge is aimed at retrieving huge fuel burn for airlines during delays ranging between 20 and 45 minutes owing to congestion at metro airports.
....“It is illogical to penalise travellers for poor infrastructure at Indian airports. Airlines have already increased fuel surcharge and basic fares. This will slowdown the domestic travel.”
Air Deccan Managing Director Gorur Ramaswami Gopinath said, “There is an average delay of 20-40 minutes per flight at metro airports. Just one-minute delay costs Rs 2,100 owing to additional fuel burn for a smallest Airbus aircraft A320.”
He said this also added environment pollution, besides dent in the pocket of airline operator.
“Airports of the country are not being able to keep pace with the growth of airlines. There are no parallel taxi ways at Indian airports to ease the congestion,” he added. [Business Standard]

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Apollo said...

It would have been a comedy if it was not true :(