Dec 5, 2006

A Joke or A Plant?

....After losing more than 19,000 fighters, Kashmir’s armed terrorism has run into a series of problems, forcing them to drastically change their strategy.

Pakistan, from the accounts of officials and terrorists, has clamped down on armed training camps on its territory. Guides for terrorists, who lead them through mountains, are becoming hard to get.
Infiltration is down and local recruitment is a trickle, bringing the number of terrorists in Kashmir down to between 600 and 700, the police say. If true, that would be their lowest number ever in the insurgency.[HT]

Is this the work of an illinformed journalist or a carefully crafted plant when you consider this:

Musharraf's latest proposals for solving the Kashmir problem:
  • Kashmir will have the same borders but people will be allowed to move freely back and forth in the region
  • The region will have self-governance or autonomy, but not independence
  • Troops will be withdrawn from the region in a staggered manner
  • A joint supervision mechanism will be set up, with India, Pakistan and Kashmir represented

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