Feb 7, 2007

Getting Away With Murder?

As expected the Professor Sabharwal murder case is going the Jessica Lal way. Witness after witness is turning hostile even when the hostile witnesses in the Jessica Lal case are doing the rounds of the courts for turning hostile.

It is very clear from the developments that the witnesses have been bought off and if justice has to prevail, this case should be handed over to the CBI and transferred out of MP. For the late professor’s son the Supreme Court is the last ray of hope. But I don’t think he will get justice there too if the recent SC ruling in the Navjot Singh Sidhu case is any indicator.

The Prof. Sabharwal murder case has some similarities with the road rage death case involving cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu and his friend. The victims in these cases died because of severe trashing inflicted by the accused. Prof. Sabharwal died almost instantly whereas Gurnam Singh died later in the hospital.

While staying Sidhu’s conviction the Supreme Court made the
following observations:

One, the FIR was unclear as to who dealt the killer blow to the victim, Gurnam Singh and two, the medical report was not categorical on the cause of death whether it was caused by heart attack or brain hemorrhage.

Now even a schoolboy would tell you these reasons are at its stupidest best. It remains to be seen whether the SC will ultimately set Sidhu and his friend free on this basis or not. If yes, then the killers of Prof. Sabharwal can argue on this basis and easily go scot-free.

Soon after the Professor’s murder, the state govt. was determined to shield the culprits who belonged to the ABVP, the youth wing of the ruling BJP. It was only because of media pressure the real culprits were arrested. Now it remains to be seen whether the media will still play the same role it played in the Jessica Lal case or stay neutral.

Indications till now are not that good. If how the media handled the
Sanjay Joshi sex CD case is any indicator then Himanshu Sabharwal will be fighting a lone battle with the media being there only to report and not to take up a crusade on his behalf. It is said that only because of intense pressure from the RSS, the media organisations stayed away from exploiting the sex CD for TRPs.


Musings on India said...

i think the media seems have ignored the bigger cases like bihar fodder scam, jayalalitha misproportionate asset case...would love to see some investigative journalism on such cases.

RS said...

Media too has its priorities and behave accordingly. See how the Media is silent on the stupid ruling by the SC on Sidhu's conviction.

BTW, How can murder case be bigger than corruption cases?