Feb 10, 2007

Still Learning to Fly

Air traffic in India is growing annually by about 7.7 per cent and is expected to double to 50 million passengers by 2010, according to industry estimates. But the industry is plauged by inadequate infrastructure, flight delays and cancellations. This is resulting in frayed nerves at the airports and in the flights.

A security report prepared by a leading airline documents an instance when passengers tired of waiting for their aircraft to receive clearance to land, gathered outside the cockpit, forcing an emergency landing...

'Last month, a passenger opened an emergency exit to soothe his nerves. More recently, two passengers tried to open the doors of an aircraft while it was moving on the runway,' the study mentioned.

'First time fliers are eager to know about the aircraft and complications first hand as they would do in a train or bus,' ....

A passenger broke the arm of a flight attendant recently. 'Sometimes female employees have their clothes torn by unruly people inside airports,' ....

Experts opined that owing to the security risks, airline staff must be allowed physically restrain such rowdy passengers.

'There are times when reason fails..Some foreign airlines now carry on board plastic handcuffs for this purpose,'....[M&C]

One more gift to India from India's Commies.

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