Feb 16, 2007

Nailing Subterfuge in the Age of Interent

It started with replies to my comment that I made in a post by Sriram on Bangalore's space problem. I had mentioned that the way communal forces are gaining ground in Bangalore and rest of Karnataka, the army surely would have a hard time on Bangalore's congested roads during an emergency like riots that occurred recently. I also mentioned that it would take two to tango for communal riots to occur. "Apollo" and "Reason" disagreed and Apollo gave me this reply:

Apollo's comment:
The media was loathe to admit that and tried to cover for their comrades by fabricating fictitious incidents about two communities clashing.

The only two participants in the violence where the mobs bussed in for the rally and the Police trying to bring the situation under control.

unfortunately you seemed to have taken the pseudo-secular media's propoganda line as cardinal truth.

Now, knowing how violence is an integral part of the growth strategy of the angelic Sangh Parivar, this just didn’t make sense. As I can't read Kannada, I had to go by what the Hindu-hating pseudo-secular venom spewing English media reported. This is what most of them reported:

Muslims protesting against the execution of Iraq's toppled president clashed with police on Friday, ransacking shops owned by Hindus and burning at least 15 cars.

Protesters at a rally yesterday of the Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (National Volunteer Corps) then attacked shops owned by minority Muslims and stoned vehicles, forcing police to fire on rampaging crowds.[The Age]

Now that was good old Hindu-hating pseudo-secular venom spewing English media type of reporting on the angelic Sangh Parivar. But as the above news is from the Hindu-hating pseudo-secular venom spewing English media it is propaganda and not to be trusted. So I did a bit of googling for just five minutes and what I found will not be music to someone’s ears.

Firstly lets us hear from someone near ground zero.

On friday a peaceful Muslim protest against the killing of Saddam Hussein turn into a violent riot. They were burning cars, distroying (sic) shops and throwing stones on people. During the madness the Muslims also distroyed (sic) some Hindu property and holy places. I live in Muslim area in Bangalore, but our neighbourhood was peaceful until Sunday.

On Sunday the Hindu fundamentalist party organised a protest against the Muslim protests of Friday. The protest was mainly taking place in our neighbourhood, and it became soon violent. More than 60 people were injured, over a dozen vehicles were torched, several two-wheelers and hundreds of shops damaged, nearly 30 houses looted, five chicken shops and 15 houses burnt, and places of worship stoned. There were young men hitting people with swords and knifes.[
Soja Valjus]

Now can we trust that? Oh no we can't because that blogger is a foreigner living with Muslims and working in a Muslim school in Bangalore. She certainly has concocted all that to discredit the angels from the Sangh Parivar.

Now let us see what a Hindu had to say:

Mr. Santosh Kumar P’s report:

My friend's version of what happened in Bangalore over the past 4 days. I was not there to witness it and he was physically present to tell me what happened. And this is what he had to say - Firstly the Muslims took a procession, condemning Sadam Hussein's death, a little too late though. On the way they pelted stones on a temple on "Seppings Road". They broke the fiber glass which was used to cover the goddess' idol. In the meantime, a "Virat Hindu Mahasabha" was scheduled 2 days later. So there were banners and other posters which were also brought down along with pelting stones on temples. So there was curfew on that day.Next on the day of "Virat Hindu Mahasabha", there was a rally organized. The procession as such was peaceful for sometime and then hell broke lose. They systematically brought down anything Muslim in the entire cantonment area. After that Section 144 was called and the streets were filled with police and CRPF. But this happened when all the damage had already happened. It more looked like it was well planned. Like the first scene from Nayak, where the politician lets everything to happen as he wants his votes.[

Now can we trust this version? Or as it is not an eyewitness account it must be another concocted story to discredit the angels a.k.a the Sanghis.

Let see if anyone else can corroborate the above statement. Here is one Mr. Satish agreeing with Mr. Santosh Kumar P’s report.

“Yes, I did heard (sic) the same version from my journalists' friends. The politics in Karnataka has become ugly”.[ibnlive.com]

I think the above flagged blogpost and reports are more than sufficient to refute the propaganda that the Sanghis had no hand in the Bangalore violence. In the age of the Internet truth will prevail ultimately.

I am really dismayed by the way educated middle class Indians are falling hook, line and sinker to communal crap. Why are they blind to see the danger to our secular fabric from fascist, jihadi organisations like Sangh Parivar, SIMI, ISS, etc? As India is a country with extreme diversity, only a pluralistic and secular society can safeguard the unity of our motherland.


RR said...

>>On Sunday the Hindu fundamentalist party organised a protest against the Muslim protests of Friday

You included, friend. Let's look at the kind of crap you're believing in to form your prejudices:

>>On Sunday the Hindu fundamentalist party organised a protest against the Muslim protests of Friday

This is falsehood, if not an outright lie. The Hindu meeting was called months in advance. Posters announcing it appeared as early as late december, 2006. It was meant to celebrate the birth centenary of RSS's founder; not any "protest" meet. On the very day that the alleged participants of this meeting allegedly indulged in violence against Muslims, another similar Hindu rally passed off peacefully a few kilometers away in the Malleshwaram area of Bangalore.

It was the "Saddam Protest" that was "strategically" conjured up weeks after he was hanged. Announced all of a sudden, it was called knowing fully well that a couple days later that a Hindu rally was going to take place.

Why wouldn't the same folks who created trouble during the Saddam protest -- in fact, organized that "protest" to create trouble -- indudlge in trouble-making during the Hindu rally as well? Just so "secularists" like you can shift the blame away from real culprits to your favorite whipping boys?

RR said...

My first excerpt should in the preceding comment should read:

>>I am really dismayed by the way educated middle class Indians are falling hook, line and sinker to communal crap.

That's the charge against you. You are believing in communal crap. You are educated and you appear to be upper class: why are you falling a victim to the propaganda of the likes of Congress Party's Jaffer Sharief?

Apollo said...

RS, the commenter above me has pointed out that the Sangh parivar rally was planned months in advance and he is right. Its purpose was the birth centenary celebrations of Gowalikar, founder of their organisation. I can vouch for the fact that i had seen the posters and flyers being distributed a month in advance.

But the saddam rally posters started appearing only two days before it was scheduled to be held.It was held more than 20 days after he died.

Now Saddam was a secular ruler and he was a friend of India. he was the only one in the whole OIC to support India on Kashmir openly. so why was his death not mourned by involving all communities by the Secular congress? I know for a fact that many non-muslim indians felt sorry for saddam.

So why did the posters and flyers appeal only to muslims? why were not other communities invited?

I still hold the congress absolutely responsible for this round of violence.

The RSS rally was held in many parts of the city simultaneously. and one procession passed right in front of my house. And i saw women and children in the rally. Women carrying ceremonial pots on their head and Children bursting crackers and chanting 'Bharat mata ki jai'.so what's so bad about that? The only so called "provocative" slogan i heard was "we should be proud of our Hindu heritage and remain united".

So this crowd was certainly not looking for trouble.I don't know about the other crowd in the other part of town that got involved in trouble.so i can't comment on that. though i condemn that violence too in the strongest terms.

if the sangh parivar creates any trouble here in future we know how to handle them.but this time it was the congress alone that created the problems. perhaps ur hatred of the sangh parivar is so intense that u don't want to believe the facts on the ground and are willing to excuse the congress for its crimes or atleast conjure up some non existent moral equivalence between them and their political opponents.

And one more thing in both incidents of violence the participant on the other side was the Police. The mythical "Two communities" never clashed in either of those 2 days.That part was a total fabrication by the Media which u think that we are "unfairly" targetting.

Vishnu said...

The Karnataka High Court has banned rallies through busy areas of the city. When the alleged 'troublemaker' Jaffer Sharief was planning to conduct a rally, what was the Karnataka government doing?Why did the 'humble farmer' request the I-Don't-Know-anything' CM son to hold discussions with the troublemakers so that there is peace. Just because there is a VHP rally, is there no freedom for others to protest in democratic India?At the same time CITU was also holding a meeting in the city.

Congress-bashing has now become entertainment for pro-Sangh Parivar supporters whose numbers are growing in Bangalore's IT factories. These people have no touch with the real world and easily falls prey to propaganda machine unleashed by the Sangh Parivar. The favorite slogans of saffronized IT smart asses are revulsion at Congress party's muslim appeasement, Gandhi and Nehru's role in 'giving Kashmir to Pakistan' for their benefit, growing terrorism and so on. Indian history is conveniently distorted and twisted to provide credence to their theories. People who have no time to research India's history easily believes whatever muck is written by scores of pro-Parivar blogs and web pages.

I am sure that the majority of the Hindus in India are not suffering in any way from muslim appeasement. A survey of Bangalore's IT firms will reveal how many Hindus have lost jobs because of minorities. The same goes with the media, banks and other pvt instituitions. Everywhere it is the upper caste Hindus who are benefitted by gloabalisation. Interestinlgy, the sangh in Karnataka has not raised their voice against the evils of the Devadasi system.

It is a fact that the media in India is still secular. They will not propagate the vicious campaign and slander unleashed by the Parivar, whose intention is to just make political gains in the name of Hindutva. As a Hindu, I don't need to be taught about what Hinduism is and how it should be practised. I don't want Advani to tell me how great Hinduism was, and I don't believe in a party whose minister escorted jailed terrorists to Afghanistan. For me there are the epics like the Bhagavad Gita, beautifully intrepreted by scholars like S Radhakrishan and the Mahatma to guide me. I don't like VHP, Bajrang Dal and Modi to reveal how great the land I live in. There should be no place in this country for people who support the assasination of the Mahatma, who was the most secular Hindu nationalist India ever had, to misguide people about secularism and nationalism.

It makes me vomit when junkies bathed in booze and sex suddenly become hard core Hindu bhaktas (this mostly happens after a few months of life in the US) and becomes hardcore parivar supporters. That is pure shit.

RR said...

>> It makes me vomit

You are doing very fine in this department, dude. You threw up a lot of bile, indeed. Just make sure your hate doesn't boil over and make you burst a few blood vessels.

RS said...

Sorry I couldn’t reply the comments earlier.


Yes, from other sources too I gather that the Sangh rally was scheduled well in advance and that the pro-Saddam rally was hurriedly scheduled.

I don’t know whether non-Muslims were invited or not but I do remember seeing on TV Hindu ladies in the audience.

Rabble rousing and violence are an integral part of the growth strategy of the Sangh Parivar for a long time now. Remember they didn’t take their tally of 2 LS seats in 1984 to 180+ seats in 1999 by taking up Bijli, Sadak, Pani issues that concern the common man. It was the divisive Ram janambhoomi-Babri Masjid issue that catapulted the BJP to the corridors of power in 1998. This strategy didn’t pay them much dividend in South India. This time tested Sangh strategy has been in use in Karnataka for sometime now. If I recall correctly Datta Peeta at Bababudangiri Hills in Chikmagalur district aka Ayodhya of South is simmering for sometime now. It was only this time with BJP in power that the annual Sangh programme was put on hold in deference to HC order. Perhaps the lust for power will keep the secular-communal coalition govt together till the end of term and thus peace prevailing in Karnataka atleast from the Sangh’s side.

But that doesn’t mean the Congress or others shouldn’t try to further their vote bank. This could be the reason why Sharif scheduled the rally so close to the Sangh rally. Maybe he too has learned the benefits of polarised society? If I am not mistaken this Jaffer Sharif’s constituency is Muslim majority and presently the BJP represents it in the LS.

On whether the riots were between the Muslims and the Police and not Hindus and Muslims as much of rest of India believes – I am sorry its is a bit impossible for me to believe your version after I read other versions form other Hindus on the riots.

Yes, I do hate the Sangh Parivar. Why? Because they have an ideology that is fascist. If I hate Hitler and Islamofascists then I should naturally hate the Sangh Parivar too.

Thanks for commenting. I didn’t know there was a ban on rallies through busy areas of Bangalore. I do agree a lot on what you have written. But I am against appeasement of any community coz firstly it is not democratic, secondly it doesn’t really reach the really needy and thirdly it can be misused to create disharmony in the society like the Sanghis are doing.

I don’t belong to the upper class nor am I falling for any propaganda by anyone. I just understood what the Mahatma meant when he said “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

Vishnu said...

Hi Naveen, I am also against appeasement of any kind. The Congress party has pampered to Muslim demands from time to time. But that has not in any way drastically affected upper castes and their aspirations. Those who have good education have certainly benefitted from globalization and most of them belong to the upper strata of society only.

The Sangh Parivar's slogan of Muslim appeasement is aimed at dividing the normal and peaceful relationship between the two comuunities. This is similar to the branding tactics adopted by the Marxists who perceive all the rich as bourgeois and the rest as working class. One of the reasons why our bureaucracy is so inefficient is that there is always a clash of political interests between the working class workers and IAS babus.

The Sangh Parivar's slogans are all outdated ones that strive to keep all the traditions alive. It's easy to target poor minorities, who cannot pick up their mobiles and call the mighty and powerful to deal with the thugs. The parivar's slogans are intended to divide united India along religious, communal and political lines and nurture hatred, just for votes. That should never happen in modern India.

rr said...

>>I don’t know whether non-Muslims were invited or not but I do remember seeing on TV Hindu ladies in the audience.

Is this what the guy who lied that "Hindu fundamentalist party organised a protest against the Muslim protests of Friday" told you?

Can you Hindu-baiting brigade make a point without peddling falsehood?

>>Yes, I do hate the Sangh Parivar.

I am glad that you admit that you are driven by hate rather than reason or rationality. No wonder it shows in your blog and in the comments of "vishnu".

Now coming to the point of fascism. Fascists are driven by hate, they grab absolute power and they suspend civil liberties. The only time this happened in independent India's history was when the Congress party imposed a fascist Emergency on the people because a court judgement went against Indira Gandhi. During the emergency, millions of opposition workers were jailed because of Indira Gandhi's hate (many of them are those who you also cordially hate: members of BJP), press freedom was muzzled and ordinary people lived in fear of the midnight knock.

That's what fascism is. No wonder you are in admiration of it.

RS said...

>>Is this what the guy who lied that "Hindu fundamentalist party organised a protest against the Muslim protests of Friday" told you?

I think you are not reading my blog carefully. This post contains different versions on Bangalore riots that I gleaned from the internet and none of them are my concoctions or am I reporting anything that someone told me. I have given the relevant links to each version and you are free to check their authenticity as reported by the original authors.

>>Can you Hindu-baiting brigade make a point without peddling falsehood?

How on earth did you conclude that I am one of those from the Hindu hating brigade? Just bcoz I raised my voice against militant Hinduism? I also raise my voice against Islamic jihadis? What do you have to say about that?

>>I am glad that you admit that you are driven by hate rather than reason or rationality.

The opposite of love is hate and that’s the only reason I used the word ‘hate’. Moreover, how can anyone reason with people who are programmed to hate? Let them be programmed to love every Indian, and then I will be the first to love them. Infact I will love them to death!

Where in my weblog did I mention that I am a Congress supporter? Just bcoz I am against the Sangh ideology you decided that I am pro-Congress? Why don’t you take sometime and read my weblog carefully and decide which party I support?

Yes Indira Gandhi did impose emergency and was punished by the people for that. BJP never had full majority for themselves at the center. The day it happens you will see their real face. Just see how the minorities in Gujarat are being treated by the BJP govt. They are being systematically excluded from the society and out of govt schemes.

I completely agree with you. What you wrote in the last paragraph should be the aim of every true Indian. We can only rise to be a powerful country if we are strong and united.