Feb 28, 2007

The Mindset of Some Educated Indian Muslims.

Afghan film-maker Siddiq Barmak, who shot to fame after making Osama, an avant-garde film in the post-Taliban regime, is going back a tad disappointed from India this time round.

After the screening of the film at the Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia Islamia, students raised a barrage of questions against the film-maker's anti-Taliban stand. Osama exposes the extremities of the Taliban regime.

"I was completely shocked to find that most of the students were pro-Taliban. They wanted to understand why I made a movie that depicted the Islamic outfit in a negative light. According to them, both America and the Taliban can be placed on the same footing," he said. The film that tells the true story of an Afghan girl brought up as a boy to face the exigencies of the system, exposed the hardships that most girls and women faced during the regime.

"It saddens me that the youth in India have such a confined mindset. I don't know where this stems from. All I can think of is that this is the result of lack of experience. I told them that if they ever went through a similar situation, they would definitely think differently," he added.[DNA]

I wonder why these people are wasting their parents hard earned money by getting an university education. They will be better off attending some Islamic Madrassas.

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Apollo said...

RS, Why do u want to go that far? Here i have a first hand account of some people who have yet to realise that the year is 2007 and not 707 AD. The stupidity and closed mindedness on display is to be read to be believed.Just read all the comments in this thread :).

RS said...

Checked your post on Naik. When did it get so many comments?? When I read that the first time there were about 3-4 comments only. Its still going on and probably will go on unless you close the comments. Sorry, I didnt go thru all the comments as it wudnt do me any good anyway. ;)

Its better each one keep his/her religious belief to him/herself. Then this world wud be a lot better place to live in.